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During the COVID-19 pandemic and shutdown of the beauty clinics we investigated how effective DIY hair removal handsets are. British beauty experts have their say. The results might surprise you!


British beauty experts have weighed in on DIY laser hair removal handsets, saying they dramatically reduce hair regrowth when used once a week over a 12-week period.

After beauty clinics have been shut down – including the shut down of laser hair removal clinics - as part of a plan to stop the threat of coronavirus, this left some people wondering about their hair removal process.

In an effort to solve this problem, women and men have invested in DIY hair removal handsets from One Glide (  The device works similarly to the clinical laser treatments but can be done at home or on the go.  The handsets work using Intense Pulse Light (IPL), which is absorbed by the melanin in the hair, turning it to heat and destroying the hair cells.

The handsets have different levels of intensity and a test patch should be done 48 hours prior to the first treatment. The intensity level and skin colour contrast table in the manual then guides you which recommended heat level to use.

“I've been using One Glide for my 10th week now. I saw great results and definitely worth the one time purchase ! As it also have a long life time (500,000 light flashes),” one woman said.

“I used to work at a laser clinic doing hair removal on my clients. When I saw the One Glide handset, you can imagine how I felt. No way a tiny handset can be so effective. This handset has definitely proved me wrong !” another said. 

“I’m amazed with the results !!! Saved so much money definitely worth the investment. I can’t wait for my next treatment. I am seeing my hair grow thinner and a lot slower.”

One Glide has similar five-star reviews from customers worldwide.

One Glide handset users will have to shave the area they want to apply IPL treatment on, before they start and must make sure the skin is clean and dry (No Gels are to be used). A hydrating Aloe Vera gel can be used after the treatment is ready.

People will see complete results by the time they've completed their 12th session. At this point, hair generally stops growing completely and touch up only might be needed.

As long as you read the instructions carefully, a DIY handset might be just the filler you need before beauty therapists are permitted to work again. This also might be an actual long term solution to avoid expensive subscriptions and risky & awkward beauty clinic visits especially during a time where germs are so scary.


Ashley London

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