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Top things to look for to choose the right Portable IPL hair removal handset for you !

Portable IPL Hair Removal Handset


Shopping online or locally for a portable IPL hair removal handset?

This may be a frustrating and confusing experiencing, there are so many options out on the market, some even look really similar so this can be overwhelming to figure out. Which is the best option? Which one should you go for?

No worries! Read through the article, we will make it easy to decide and shortlist. Below are some pointers to look out for when choosing your portable IPL hair removal handset.

1. Check for real customer reviews & results

Customer reviews and ratings are super important, check feedback from friends or reviews of the product online. Real customers - real results. Word of mouth reviews are also great recommendations. Do not look only online, ask your beauty community through Facebook groups or real-life friends. Before and after photos are also really important!

Look for brands that has 500+ customers reviews of their portable IPL hair removal handset. This will put you at ease knowing that people are already using a real working product.

2. Check it is the original device and not a cheap copy

As there are a lot of Chinese copies, some may look similar as other brands on the outside, but will contain lower quality parts on the inside. This means you will NOT achieve the same results so be careful.

Make sure you are using a legitimate original Portable Glide IPL Hair Removal handset as to achieve the best result, also one should always make sure to purchase the device from the original source and not from untrusted websites.

In this case only purchase through or their respective social media.

Always also make sure to check the packaging that comes with the device as well and see that it matches the website/social media photos.

It’s usually easy to separate fake devices from genuine & here’s how:

  • Check the official websites & product description:
  • Check their social media & posts
  • Check the reviews section

3. Don’t let the best price be the final decision on who you buy the Portable IPL hair removal handset from, and here is why:

Even though price is important as stated above this should not be the sole deciding factor as it might be a cheaply produced copy with low quality internal parts. Do your research first so that you know you are buying from a legitimate business and shopping for a genuine premium product just like the One Glide Original Portable IPL Hair Removal Handset ! (

Hope this helped you out understanding some differences and the benefits of the Original One Glide IPL Hair Removal Handset.

We are proud to say that the website is a genuine business using the highest quality products to keep all our clients satisfied.

We are proud and confident in the quality of our products and the 24/7 customer service we have built Worldwide for a global community ! 

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